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What We Do

Our Mission

We strive to create an environment that will suit everyone's personal workspace needs. We want you to be just as comfortable, if not more, working in our coworking space than you are at home or at your favorite coffee shop. At Collaborate DSM we have designed a professional, yet welcoming office and coworking space that is sure to inspire creativity and productivity while connecting you with other professionals within the community.  

Meet Our Team


Jackie Bassman, Operations Manager

Born and raised In Greater Des Moines (DSM), Jackie Bassman is proud to call DSM home. Working for Collaborate DSM, Jackie's core competency becomes apparent in her love for organization and passion for making connections with other individuals. She ensures there is a process to support everything we do and keeps Collaborate DSM running smoothly. If queried, however, she’d say her true passion revolves around furry four-legged friends. Jackie has spent many years volunteering with the Animal Rescue League of Iowa and has also worked with Central Iowa Shelter and Services.

When she’s not greasing the gears that make Collaborate DSM turn, you can catch her chasing waterfalls in both the literal and metaphorical sense. Whether it's hiking with Clinton and Brinkley or spending an afternoon on the bike trails, Jackie loves to enjoy the great outdoors. She’s got an itch for life that can only be scratched by channeling her inner Magellan.


Clinton Akerberg, Co-Founder/Co-Owner

Everyone wants to go to a place they truly enjoy spending their nine-to-five each day. A place that sparks creativity, supports growth, allows focus and initiates connections, all in a great neighborhood. It seems so simple! But as a Greater Des Moines (DSM) resident of 18 years, Clinton Akerberg was having trouble finding just that. With a knack for entrepreneurship and a passion for innovation, he found most workspaces too uptight, bland and corporate feeling. Or on the opposite end of the spectrum, being in wealth management, the office spaces that offered a more fun laid-back feel were a little too raw and lacking the professional environment necessary for meeting with high profile clients. 

That’s when Akerberg had the idea for Collaborate DSM — a place for a meeting of the minds, innovation and collaboration. A place for entrepreneurs, small businesses and members of our growing DSM community to come together and be surrounded by individuals that inspire them. 

A Lawrence, KS native, Clinton graduated from Iowa State University with a double major in International Business and Finance. He quickly put down roots in Des Moines and has worked closely with the Susan G. Komen and Greater Des Moines Community Foundations, in addition to spending several years coaching for the Vision Soccer Academy.

When he’s not working Clinton enjoys spending time with his favorite four-legged friend and our office mascot, a white golden retriever named Brinkley, as well as sailing, spearfishing, scuba diving, cycling, and skiing.


Chris Kelley, Co-Founder/Co-Owner

Chris Kelley, an anesthesiologist at Iowa Methodist Medical Center and graduate of University of Iowa and nearby Des Moines University, agreed to go down the Collaborate DSM journey with his big brother. Chris keeps the Collaborate DSM wheels turning and loves to help throw a good Collaborate DSM happy hour.

When he’s not changing our lights, bringing in a new keg, or at the hospital, you can find Chris spending quality time with his lovely wife and three children (we put them to work sometimes too!). He also enjoys skiing, cycling, and trying out new cocktail recipes.


Brinkley, Chief Pup Officer

Brinkley, an English Golden Retriever is our undisputed mascot and professional office greeter. He has a gentle soul and is impeccably well mannered (his mother is British). Notorious for making friends of all shapes and sizes, even opossums, this registered Canine Good Citizen is known around the neighborhood for his big smile, fluffy white coat, and ability to bring runaway dogs back to their owners.

When he’s not playing dog whisperer or putting in hours at the office, one of his favorite activities is playing “King of the Castle” on snowdrifts. He loves going on road trips and is always up for an adventure.


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Our doors are always open for new members. We offer a wide range of coworking options and commitment levels. Some of our members prefer individual day passes or monthly packages, some prefer year long memberships and private office rental. Schedule a tour to find what best fits your individual workspace needs. 

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